Life Coach Certification Benefits:
•Use the Designations of CILC Certified International Life Coach and ALC Accredited Life Coach on your business cards
•Professional Recognition and Society Status
•Enhanced Resume and Credentials.
•Opportunity for better job or career
•Increased Interpersonal Communication Skills Availability
• Protect the job you have by showing that you have improved your portfolio of credentials.

  • To gain recognition within your profession; Increased professional esteem, network, and business respect.
  • Helps you to be located in this Digital Age Searching for Job Skills by Human Resources IT Searching for New Hires
  •  Investing in your career and improving your credentials opens the doors for greater jobs and recognition.
  • Give your organization a legitimate reason to promote you and give you a raise to taking steps to earn professional designations.
  • Members have access to job boards, career news & advice, and networking information.
  • Our Graduate certifications show that members have a specialized portfolio of focus or skills.
  • Opportunity for a Committee and Board Member position with our Commission.
  • Rights of Certified Members to Use Credentials on Resume and Business Cards and on Digital Resumes.
  • Publish your approved articles with our Society or its Affiliated Organizations.
  • Certification counts for credit and advanced standing for other certifications.
  • Certifications are granted to college degree holders who have passed real exams. (Graduate Organization)
  • Take your resume to the next level with your new Certifications and Designations
  • To achieve higher status (portfolio of credentials) for a job interview or to attain promotion
  •  Membership prestige, Complete License & Certification for your office.
  • Right to International Registration with the Institute on our World Wide Web Registry
  • Online Training Courses or materials for members worldwide.
  • Become a Fellow of the Society
  •  Specialized Information for Conferences, Seminars, and Networking Event
  • Fellows of the Organization and Advisory Council Members can: Nominate new members for certification, Author & Publish Articles in our Network, Add the Fellow distinction to their resume, open a local chapter, provide executive insights for innovation to the Board.

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